Dentistry at The Grove Pandemic Precautions

What to expect during the pandemic

Our offices are open during this challenging time, and we are here to serve you with your everyday and emergency dental needs.  Every precaution is being taken to ensure your safety and ours.

Before you arrive

  1. An email or a link for a pre-screening questionnaire will be sent to you 24 hours before your appointment
  2. Please remain in your car or outside our office until we are able to bring you into the office
  3. You will be pre-screened by our staff; we will check your temperature and check for any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure
  4. Our staff sanitizes the door handles, counters, pens and other high touch materials between EACH patient

Once you arrive

  1. Mask – We ask that you keep your mask on from the time you enter our office until you sit in the dental chair
  2. Sanitizer — Upon arrival at our office, we ask that you use the provided hand sanitizer
  3. Pre-rinse mouthwash — Before beginning your dental treatment, we provide a pre-rinse mouthwash for you to use
  4. Treatment — All our clinical staff will be wearing all the required PPE during your treatment
  5. Air flow — Our treatment rooms are closed off, and we have continuously running HEPA air filters in all treatment rooms. As well, we allow for additional time for cleaning and air settling in between each patient
  6. Managing patient flow — Your dental care provider will check that the front desk area is clear of any other patients before you leave the exam room, and we carefully manage the number of people in the office to not exceed our maximum capacity
  7. Maximum Capacity – friends and family will not be able to accompany you into the office during treatment, however parents can accompany children and be with them while they receive their treatment

Working together, we will emerge from this pandemic in time.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (289) 487 8200

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