About Dr. C. R. Fernando

Dr. Niromi Fernando of Dentistry at the Grove walking hand-in-hand with her husband

Dentistry at The Grove is so fortunate to enjoy the knowledge of Dr. C. R. Fernando at the clinic. Dr. C. R. Fernando graduated from Dental School in Sri Lanka in 1977. Ten years later, along with her husband and two children, she arrived in Canada and pursued re-acquiring her dental qualifications so that she could continue her career as a dentist in her new home. It wasn’t long before she was able to purchase and subsequently turn-around a struggling practice in Brampton, ON; building a thriving, successful dental practice in one of Canada’s fastest growing cities.

Her career as a dentist has been rewarding and, along the way, a highlight was being able to pass on her deep wisdom and love for dentistry to her daughter – you guessed it – Dr. Niromi! Although Dr. C.R. Fernando sold her practice in 2015, her devotion to the dental profession and improving the oral health of patients remains unwavering. In Dentistry at The Grove, Dr. Fernando has found a new role for herself as a key leader, putting her years of experience into the foundation of our practice.