Dentist and smiling patient after receiving a filling provided at Dentistry at the Grove

Unfortunately cavities are still a common occurrence for most people today. However over the years with help of new technologies we are able to to treat cavities and bring teeth back to their optimal health. By removing the decayed part of the tooth and placing a composite (or white) filling your tooth will be brought back to full functionality and health. And because at Dentistry at The Grove we focus only on composite (white) fillings even if your tooth does have a cavity no one besides your Dentist will ever know! Moving forward the experts at Dentistry at The Grove will work with you through cleaning and preventive check-ups to ensure your tooth remains healthy and will work with you to create a self-care strategy to prevent any future decay.

Although cavities may start off painless, or as a visible dark spot on the tooth they decay will continue to progress within the tooth and will ultimately cause sensitivity to hot, cold or sweets and pain to chewing.

If you suspect you have a cavity, book an appointment today with our caring team to discuss or options.

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