Dental Crowns: Procedure Details

Tooth decay and damage don’t necessarily lead to tooth extractions. Dental crowns provide a way to protect damaged or decayed teeth in some cases, so they won’t have to be pulled. Knowing how dental crowns are done can help you understand this procedure better, so can rest easy about it. Keep the following information in mind if you need dental crowns in Burlington.

Tooth Preparation

At your first dental visit, your dentist will take X-rays of the affected tooth and the bone tissue that surrounds it. These X-rays provide information about the condition of your tooth. If you have severe decay or injuries to the pulp inside your tooth, you might need to have a root canal done first. This is done in order to remove decayed tissue and reduce the risk of infection.

After X-rays and a root canal if needed, your dentist will need to prep the surfaces of your tooth, including the sides and top. This helps ensure that your dental crown will fit properly over your tooth. Keep in mind that the amount of tooth that is prepped will depend on the material the crown is made of metal crowns can be made thinner than all white porcelain crowns however metal crowns are more noticeable. 

 Once your tooth has been prepped to make room for your dental crown, your dentist will make an impression or copy of the tooth. This can be done in several ways but at Dentistry at the Grove we take digital impressions so you can avoid that goopy impression putty! The digital impression will capture the tooth receiving the crown, the teeth on either side and the tooth on the opposite which helps ensure that you’ll have a proper bite with the crown on. After this is done, you’ll receive a temporary dental crown and come back to the office when your permanent dental crown is ready.

 Dental Crown Fitting

When you come in for your next visit, your dentist will take the temporary crown off and place your permanent crown on. You might get a local anesthetic to numb your tooth while this is done. Your dentist will make sure that your permanent crown fits comfortably and securely on your tooth before you leave. In many cases, dental crowns are made to match natural teeth closely, so your crown shouldn’t be noticeable when you talk or smile.

 If you get a same-day dental crown, you can expect to come in for one visit only instead of two visits. With these crowns, your dentist will take digital images of your tooth, then have a machine at the office create a ceramic permanent dental crown. You’ll be able to have that crown fitted on your tooth at the same visit, so you won’t need a temporary crown.

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If you need dental crowns in Burlington to keep your teeth safe and healthy, contact Dentistry at The Grove today to schedule an appointment. Our dental team can provide you with more information on dental crowns and handle any other dental issues you have.

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