About Natalia Jurczyk

Natalia Jurczyk is a Registered Dental Assistant and the heart of Dentistry at The Grove. Our patients make a point of letting us know how much her presence in our office puts them at ease.

Natalia attended Anderson College of Health, Business, and Technology.

Natalia Jurczyk is an incredibly quick learner, and her attention to detail is unparalleled. Her friendly and fun demeanour, and outgoing social nature is quick to put all of her clients at ease and quickly ease any anxiety they may feel leading up to their appointments. People light up as they walk into the office and see her!

She is married and has a wonderful 2-year-old daughter.

In her off-time, she loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes, and spending as much time as she can with her family.

We are so pleased to introduce you to Natalia to all of you!