Digital Radiography

Dental radiologist and happy customer both giving the thumbs up hand signal

A key part of the preventative care plan at Dentistry at The Grove is our digital radiography, enabling us to produce high-quality x-rays which will give us a clear indication of your oral health. Our clinic is on the cutting edge of technology, meaning your x-rays are extremely low-radiation, and ultra safe. While it is easy to investigate the areas we can see, radiography allows us to evaluate areas of the mouth that aren’t visible to the eye. This means we can pick up any hint of minor issues before they become major ones, nipping them in the bud immediately.

Digital radiography is a type of digital imaging technology that uses an x-ray machine to produce images. Digital x-rays are becoming more and more popular in the medical field, because they can be stored electronically, which means they don’t need to be archived on film or print media. They are also easier to share with patients due to their storage capabilities. This eliminates confusion about what previous doctors have seen in terms of results or conditions

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