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We Are Open & Here For You

Dear Valued Patients, It has been an unprecedented time in our lives and for our whole community and we hope you have all been safe and healthy over the past several months.  We are pleased to inform you that we will be able to start seeing patients on June 8th for all routine dental treatments […]

Dental Crowns: Procedure Details

Tooth decay and damage don’t necessarily lead to tooth extractions. Dental crowns provide a way to protect damaged or decayed teeth in some cases, so they won’t have to be pulled. Knowing how dental crowns are done can help you understand this procedure better, so can rest easy about it. Keep the following information in […]

Bioclear Veneers: Are They Right for You?

Having space between your teeth or similar flaws can affect your smile, which can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. Bioclear dental treatment, which involves the use of veneers, offers a way for you to fix flaws and improve your smile. Find out more about this kind of treatment to see if it’s the […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns & Bridges

We receive a lot of questions about dental crowns in Burlington, and while we’re always happy to answer them and address any other inquiries or concerns that our patients have, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a page that discusses them too. We invite you to read over this post […]

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How do I find the Best Burlington Dentist for me?

If you are looking to find the best Burlington Dentist, you may be overwhelmed by all of the options. Perhaps you’re new to the area or maybe your previous dentist has retired or closed his or her practice. Whatever the reason, you and your family deserve the best dental care possible. The good news is […]

How Long Does Bioclear Dental Treatment Last?

Bioclear is a quick, cost-effective way to correct gaps, discolorations, or chips in your smile. But will it last? The short answer is yes, Bioclear is much more durable than porcelain veneers and traditional bonding. Read on to learn why this simple method of changing the size, shape, and color of your teeth may be […]

Why Would You Do Invisalign vs SmileDirectClub?

You’re probably quite familiar with clear aligners. These plastic trays are used to straighten your pearly whites without using traditional metal braces. Invisalign is one of the most popular brands, millions of people have used it successfully since 2000. But what about SmileDirectClub, which lets patients guide their own treatment at home? While both products […]

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How BioClear Bonding Can Give You a New and Improved Smile

BioClear bonding may just be the product you need to improve your smile and your confidence without destroying your budget. Do you have a chipped tooth, gap between your teeth, uneven teeth or discoloured teeth? All of these things can mar an otherwise perfect smile. Sure, you can invest in veneers to solve these problems, […]

Tips for Recovering from a Tooth Extraction

Having a tooth removed is a very common dental procedure. Even though dentists perform extractions routinely, you must take care of your mouth following the procedure to avoid complications. That’s why it’s important to learn to perform aftercare correctly following a tooth extraction in Burlington. Why are tooth extractions necessary? Adults’ teeth are intended to […]

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My Child Had An Accident and Lost/Broke a Tooth…What Now?

Having your child lose or break a tooth can be scary, for you and your child. Knowing what to do and seeking help from an emergency dentist can save you a lot of fear and anxiety. Here’s what you need to know. Step 1: Comfort Your Child When your child loses a tooth unexpectedly because […]

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Dental Implants vs Bridges: How to Know What’s Best for You

A missing tooth can cause problems with eating and function, and can also lead to issues with tooth alignment. Your smile may also be negatively impacted by a missing tooth. Replacing any missing teeth you may have is important for your dental hygiene and personal health. Before your dentist can address the problem, you’ll have […]