About Dr. Niromi Fernando

Dr. Niromi Fernando of Dentistry at the Grove with her two children in Burlington, Ontario

Meet Dr. Niromi. Technically Dr. Niromi Fernando, Dentistry at The Grove isn’t one for lots of formality. Her inspiration for opening this practice was to have a place where people can feel comfortable and safe, in a family friendly atmosphere.

At Dentistry at The Grove, we see each and every patient as a part of our extended family.

Her Education & Life Changes

Dr. Niromi grew up in Oakville, Ontario. Graduating from Western University, she attended Dental School in Boston, MA at the prestigious Boston University School of Dental Medicine.

Her Passion About Dentistry

She is passionate about dentistry and enjoys participating in continuing education opportunities to keep informed of the latest developments in the field. Dr.Niromi attends the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting in Ontario and attends as many Continuing Education courses as she can.

She strongly believes education and prevention is the path to a patient’s ideal oral health and she values developing an open, honest and personal relationship with each of her patients.

Dr. Niromi decided to open Dentistry at The Grove to create the type of practice that enables her to support people in their oral health goals and ensures happy smiles and genuinely just do what’s right for her patients.

Outside of the office Dr. Niromi tries to stay active by running, swimming and practicing yoga and kickboxing with her husband. If that wasn’t enough, she spends a fair amount of time chasing after her kids! She truly enjoys spending time with her family and travelling is an interest they all share!

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