Root Canal Therapy in Burlington Ontario

Close up of a smiling customer before a root canal kindly provided by Grove Dentistry in Burlington, Ontario

Is there a more dreaded prognosis than “you need a root canal?” Decades of movies, tv shows, anecdotal stories from “friends of friends”, and yes, some real life stories of difficult experiences, has led to the root canal procedure having a terrible reputation. 

However the good news is that with advances in technology today’s Root Canal Procedure can be an easy and reliable treatment option.

The Pain related to Root Canals Treatments (RCT) often arise if a large cavity or gum disease is allowed to damage the tissue inside of your tooth. If routine xrays and check ups are done we are often able to diagnose and predict problems before you have to experience any oral pain. However if pain does occur because of an abscess the RCT will bring great relief by removing all the damaged tissue from within the tooth and sealing it prevent any future abscesses and giving you peace of mind.

Once a RCT is completed we will often recommend a crown be done to protect your tooth!

If you are experiencing any pain please make an appointment right away so we can discuss your options with you.

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