Are you worried about your cavities?

Dentistry at The Grove is your Emergency Dentist in Burlington to call

Over the last several weeks we have spoken to several patients and members of the community that are concerned about cavities developing or cavities that have already started getting worse during the pandemic closures and while dental offices are closed.

There are several stages of cavity development.

  1. Initially, a cavity may start where food and plaque get trapped around a tooth. Eventually, the cavity will spread into the enamel of a tooth. Regular brushing and flossing of your teeth are important to minimize the chances of developing a cavity.
  2. As time goes on the cavity will spread into the dentin (or inner layer) of the tooth. Even at this stage brushing, and flossing can help the cavity remain small and manageable. These types of cavities are not painful and are not considered emergencies by the RCDSO at this time. But Dentistry at The Grove can work with you to help with any questions you may have until dental offices can reopen for routine care.
  3. Over time the cavity may be able to get bigger and bigger and often at this stage you may start to notice an increase in sensitivity to sweet, hot, cold, and possibly tenderness when eating. Although these cavities aren’t considered emergencies at this time due to COVID-19 closures we can help you monitor and manage these teeth as long as the quarantine is in place.
  4. As a worst-case scenario the bacteria can enter and infect the nerve canals of the tooth you will, unfortunately, start to feel pain. This may escalate into severe, constant pain accompanied by swelling, trouble sleeping at night, and difficulty eating. 

If you are experiencing these symptoms please call our office right away at 289-427-8200 as you may require a prescription for antibiotics to help control the symptoms.

If you have any questions Dr. Niromi Fernando is only a phone call away.

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