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Dr. Niromi Fernando. Your Dentist In Burlington

Dr. Niromi Fernando. A top dentist in Burlington Ontario. Since she was young, Dr. Niromi wanted to be a healthcare professional. Dentistry offered her the opportunity to improve patients’ oral health & the chance to run her own business.

Inspired by her mom who had a successful dental practice for over 30 years, Dr. Niromi established Dentistry at the Grove in Burlington in 2019. Dr. Niromi’s commitment towards improving patients’ oral health drives her ambition of always being there for her patients. And providing the best dental care possible! She loves being able to change patients’ opinions about coming to the dentist.

When asked, she says it warms her heart when someone who in the past was nervous and anxious can now say that they enjoy their visits and are happy with their treatment. Dr. Niromi’s goals are emulated in her practice — “We want to get to know you & your oral health goals, and genuinely treat our patients like family!”. Since graduating and starting private practice , Dr. Niromi has been amazed by the technological advances that allow us to better diagnose & treat oral diseases, and broadens the type of procedures we can perform.

It’s an exciting time to be a dentist and more importantly it’s an exciting time to receive dental care! Dr. Niromi loves every dental procedure, but she has a special love for Invisalign. With the help of technology, we can even render a 3D image of what your teeth would look like after Invisalign treatment!

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