Dr. Niromi Fernando with her two children

Getting to Know Dr. Niromi Fernando – Part 1: Why?

In Simon Sinek’s best selling book “Start With Why”, he mentions the following:

“Working hard for something we do not care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion.”

Anyone who has been close to someone who has opened a dental practice will agree, it requires very hard, diligent work. Same goes for making it through Dental School to begin with. For Dr. Niromi Fernando, she has come by her love and passion for dentistry honestly. Her mother is a very highly regarded Dentist herself.

“I was very lucky to have been able to watch my mom be a dentist while I Was growing up, and was able to see what a great profession it is,” Dr. Niromi said when asked why she wanted to become a dentist in the first place. “It combines the opportunity to both own my own business which was very important to me, and fulfill my lifelong dream to help people in the health care community.”

Certainly owning one’s own business is a noble pursuit, and if one’s able to succeed as an entrepreneur it can be very rewarding. However, when you meet Dr. Niromi you quickly learn that it’s that lifelong dream to help the community that fuels her passion. Which is what prompted her to open her very first clinic in Burlington, Ontario.

“It was always a dream of mine to open my own practice so I can provide dental care to my community in a way that felt right to me,” she said when asked why she opened Dentistry at the Grove. “I have always wanted to inspire trust in my patients. I want them to know my focus and the focus of our office will always be to help them achieve their best oral health. I want them to achieve their best smile, and our clinic will help them achieve it anyway we can.”

Spend time with Dr. Niromi and you quickly understand how Simon Sinek’s quote directly applies to her and her clinic, Dentistry at the Grove. It’s easy to see, caring for her community’s oral health is a passion, not a stress. It is what she loves to do.

In our next post we’ll find out a little more about the experience of being cared for by Dr. Niromi and the team at Dentistry at the Grove.

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