Dr. Niromi Fernando with her two children

Getting to Know Dr. Niromi – Part 2: Being Dr. Niromi’s Patient

Having a passion for what you do is great, but do people enjoy being around you while you do it? It’s the question and the issue that dogs many high-performers. In the case of dental clinics, how the staff and the dentist makes their patients feel is often a bigger determination of long-term success than the technical prowess of it’s staff. So, how does Dr. Niromi want you to feel when you visit Dentistry at The Grove?

It’s simple.

Dr. Niromi replies with a smile, 

“Happy, comfortable, relaxed, and cared for! All at once!” 

This isn’t a minor matter for Dr. Niromi. Ensuring her staff feels comfortable and safe is a key tenet of her practice.

“This might sound cheesy, but I love being a dentist and I absolutely love when patients have a good experience in my chair,” said Dr. Niromi. “I will always strive to create a great, positive environment for every patient, and our staff will do the same.”

If comfort is key, then it needs to permeate every piece of the Dentistry at The Grove experience. Right down to how Dr. Niromi asks to be addressed by her patients – Dr. Niromi instead of the more formal Dr. Fernando. Why the more casual approach?

“Well, it originally started when my mom (accomplished dentist Dr. C.R. Fernando) worked together years ago,” replied Dr. Niromi. “It was a way patients and staff could differentiate us since we have the same surname. However, now I think it’s just more personal and makes me a little more approachable for our patients.”

And it goes far beyond just a name. Throughout her career Dr. Niromi has managed to make all sorts of people feel comfortable and cared for in her chair, even the most nervous of patients. Helping nervous dental patients has become a highlight of her career thus far.

“I will always remember the cases where I’ve been able to help people who were anxious about dental treatment, but now are relaxed and even enjoy coming to the clinic,” remarked Dr. Niromi. 

But, beyond helping anxious patients become fans, where else does Dr. Niromi draw satisfaction?

“I love seeing patients who have completed their Invisalign treatment and have seen a transformation in their smile,” she exclaimed. “There’s nothing better than seeing someone beaming and leaving the office just glowing.”

Beaming and leaving the office glowing. That’s the “special sauce” that makes Dentistry at The Grove special, and it’s the “Why” for Dr. Niromi. Happy, comfortable, relaxed, and cared for. All at once. It’s what makes choosing Dentistry at The Grove for your dental care so rewarding.

Up next, we discuss dental technology and life away from the clinic with Dr. Niromi.

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