Dentistry at the grove first visit

What to expect on your first visit

You’re visiting Dentistry at the Grove for the first time and you’re not sure what to expect? Relax. We’re here to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

We want our patients to be empowered with knowledge of their oral health. This helps you take care of your gums and teeth, while making our job easier too.

To start, we review your medical history and any medications you may be taking. Then, we address any dental anxiety you may have. Our aim is to avoid triggers so that we don’t repeat anything that has caused a negative issue in the past.

Next, we move on to the dental check-up:

Comprehensive oral exam — Dr. Fernando takes a look at your gums and checks for periodontal disease and/or gum recession.  Each tooth is examined and prior dental work is documented. As well, the jaw joint (TMJ) is examined and we will discuss whether you are having any jaw pain or if you might be clenching or grinding your teeth.

Oral cancer screening — The inside of your mouth is examined to check for sores, tissue discolouration and other changes that are not healthy. Using gloved hands, Dr. Fernando checks for lumps inside your mouth and also your neck and throat.

X-rays/Pictures — We assess bone health and check for any abscesses around the teeth. We will also look for any cavities and fractures of the teeth. Pictures using our small intra-oral camera are used to help you see what we see.

Finally, we end with a dental cleaning or the scaling portion of the appointment.Plaque and tartar is removed from the teeth and along the gum line. A polishing paste can help remove any staining from the teeth and finally fluoride treatment is then applied which helps with cavity prevention or cold sensitivity.

Based on the results of this very complete dental check-up, we will then have a discussion about your treatment plan and book your next appointment. All done. Your first visit will be a breeze. See you soon!

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